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Vec3Interface representing a 3D vector.
QuatInterface representing a quaternion.
Mat4Interface representing a 4x4 matrix.


The types in ecs.math represent widely followed paradigms and can be bridged easily to other libraries.


The types in ecs.math can be converted to and from the corresponding three.js math types THREE.Vector3, THREE.Quaternion, and THREE.Matrix4 by following the examples below.

const {mat4, quat, vec3} = ecs.math

// Vec3 <--> THREE.Vector3
const v3js = new THREE.Vector3()
const v =

v3js.copy(v) // Set a THREE.Vector3 from a Vec3.
v.setFrom(v3js) // Set a Vec3 from a THREE.Vector3.
const v2 = vec3.from(v3js) // Create new Vec3 from a THREE.Vector3.

// Quat <--> THREE.Quaternion
const q3js = new THREE.Quaternion()
const q =

q3js.copy(q) // Set a THREE.Quaternion from a Quat.
q.setFrom(q3js) // Set a Quat from a THREE.Quaternion.
const q2 = quat.from(q3js) // Create new Quat from a THREE.Quaternion.

// Mat4 <--> THREE.Matrix4
const m3js = new THREE.Matrix4()
const m = mat4.i()

m3js.fromArray( // Set a THREE.Matrix4 from a Mat4.
m.set(m3js.elements) // Set a Mat4 from a THREE.Matrix4.
const m2 = mat4.of(m3js.elements) // Create a new Mat4 from a THREE.Matrix4