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Key Concepts

Studio's project structure is based around a few different key concepts. Additionally, the runtime API for Studio is referred to as "ECS" or an Entity-Component System. In Studio's framework there are:


Entities are conceptual "objects" each with a unique Entity ID (EID). Entities are the basic elements or objects of your space - these are the groups, 3D models, cameras and more that make up your experience. Your project spaces are made up of a tree of entities called the Hierarchy.



Components are data types that can be attached to entities. Components are the different types of entities you can have in your space. There are many components included with Studio, and Studio supports custom components and custom interaction scripts. You can set up entity parameters in the component inspector (right panel). Learn more about Custom Components.



Systems are functions that process component data to run the game logic. For example, Physics systems that provide accurate physics computations, based on the parameter data set in the Physics components.


A space (also called a Scene) contains all of your entities and components.


A world is a container for all of the above plus extra context information like queries or observers.