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scene.emit('recenter', {origin, facing})


Recenters the camera feed to its origin. If a new origin is provided as an argument, the camera's origin will be reset to that, then it will recenter.

If origin and facing are not provided, camera is reset to origin previously specified by a call to recenter or the last call to XR8.XrController.updateCameraProjectionMatrix() when using xrweb or XR8.FaceController.configure({coordinates: {origin, scale, axes}}) / XR8.LayersController.configure({coordinates: {origin, scale, axes}}) when using xrface or xrlayers.

IMPORTANT: With A-Frame, updateCameraProjectionMatrix() and / or configure() is initially called based on initial camera position in the scene.


origin: {x, y, z} [Optional]The location of the new origin.
facing: {w, x, y, z} [Optional]A quaternion representing direction the camera should face at the origin.

Example - Recenter the scene

let scene = this.el.sceneEl

Example - Recenter the scene and update the origin

let scene = this.el.sceneEl
scene.emit('recenter', {
origin: {x: 1, y: 4, z: 0},
facing: {w: 0.9856, x:0, y:0.169, z:0}