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XR8.MediaRecorder.recordVideo({ onError, onProcessFrame, onStart, onStop, onVideoReady })


Start recording.

This function takes an object that implements one of more of the following media recorder licecycle callback methods:


onErrorCallback when there is an error.
onProcessFrameCallback for adding an overlay to the video.
onStartCallback when recording has started.
onStopCallback when recording has stopped.
onPreviewReadyCallback when a previewable, but not sharing-optimized, video is ready (Android/Desktop only).
onFinalizeProgressCallback when the media recorder is making progress in the final export (Android/Desktop only).
onVideoReadyCallback when recording has completed and video is ready.

Note: When the browser has native MediaRecorder support for webm and not mp4 (currently Android/Desktop), the webm is usable as a preview video, but is converted to mp4 to generate the final video. onPreviewReady is called when the conversion starts, to allow the user to see the video immediately, and when the mp4 file is ready, onVideoReady will be called. During conversion, onFinalizeProgress is called periodically to allow a progress bar to be displayed.




onVideoReady: (result) => window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('recordercomplete', {detail: result})),
onStop: () => showLoading(),
onError: () => clearState(),
onProcessFrame: ({elapsedTimeMs, maxRecordingMs, ctx}) => {
// overlay some red text over the video
ctx.fillStyle = 'red'
ctx.font = '50px "Nunito"'
ctx.fillText(`${elapsedTimeMs}/${maxRecordingMs}`, 50, 50)
const timeLeft = ( 1 - elapsedTimeMs / maxRecordingMs)
// update the progress bar to show how much time is left = `${100 * timeLeft }`
onFinalizeProgress: ({progress, total}) => {
console.log('Export is ' + Math.round(progress / total) + '% complete')