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Recenters the camera feed to its origin. If a new origin is provided as an argument, the camera's origin will be reset to that, then it will recenter.


origin [Optional]{x, y, z}The location of the new origin.
facing [Optional]{w, x, y, z}A quaternion representing direction the camera should face at the origin.


/*jshint esversion: 6, asi: true, laxbreak: true*/

// taprecenter.js: Defines a playcanvas script that re-centers the AR scene when the screen is
// tapped.

var taprecenter = pc.createScript('taprecenter')

// Fire a 'recenter' event to move the camera back to its starting location in the scene.
taprecenter.prototype.initialize = function() {,
(event) => { if (event.touches.length !== 1) { return }'xr:recenter')})