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Debug Mode

Debug Mode is an advanced Cloud Editor feature that provides logging, performance information, and enhanced visualizations directly on your device.

Note: Debug mode is currently not displayed when previewing experiences on head mounted devices.

To activate Debug Mode

  1. At the top of the Cloud Editor window, click the Preview button.
  2. Below the QR code, toggle Debug Mode on.
  3. Scan the QR code to preview your WebAR project with debug information superimposed over the page:


If you already have a device connected in the Cloud Editor console you can enable/disable Debug Mode at any time by pressing the “Debug Mode” toggle when you have the device tab selected.


Debug Mode Stats:

Depending on the renderer your project is using Debug Mode will display some of the following information:


Stats Panel (tap to minimize)
  • fps - frames per second, framerate.
  • Tris - number of triangles rendered per frame.*
  • Draw Calls - number of draw calls each frame. A draw call is a call to the graphics API to draw objects (e.g. draw a triangle).*
  • Textures - number of textures in the scene.*
  • Tex(max) - the maximum dimension of the largest texture in the scene.*
  • Shaders - number of GLSL shaders in the scene.*
  • Geometries - number of geometries in the scene.*
  • Points - number of points in the scene. Only displayed when the scene has more than 0.*
  • Entities - number of A-Frame entities in the scene.*
  • ImgTargets - number of active 8th Wall image targets in the scene.
  • Models - total size in MB of all <a-asset-items> (only preloaded 3D models) in <a-assets>.*
Version Panel
  • Engine Version - version of the 8th Wall AR engine the experience is running.
  • Renderer Version - version of renderer the experience is running.*
Tools Panel
  • Console - displays live console logs.
  • Actions - options to reset the XR camera (XR8.recenter()), show detected surface*, and display A-Frame inspector*.
  • Camera - displays XR camera position and rotation.
  • Minimize - minimizes the tools panel.

[*] available in Cloud Editor projects using A-Frame