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Device Authorization

If you are on an paid plan, you gain the ability to self-host WebAR experiences. If you are self-hosting on a webserver that hasn't been whitelisted (see Connected Domains section of the documentation), you will need to authorize your device in order to view.

Authorizing a device installs a Developer Token (cookie) into its web browser, allowing it to view any app key within the current workspace.

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be authorized, but each device needs to be authorized individually. Views of your web application from an authorized device count toward your monthly usage total.

IMPORTANT: If you have followed the steps below on an iOS device, and are still having issues, please see the Troubleshooting section for steps to fix. Safari has a feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention that can block third party cookies (what we use to authorize your device while you're developing). When they get blocked, we can't verify your device.

How to authorize a device:

  1. Login to and select a Project.

  2. Click Device Authorization to expand the device authorization pane.

  3. Select 8th Wall Engine version to use during development. To use the latest stable version of 8th Wall, select release. To test against a pre-release version, select beta.


  1. Authorize your device:

From Desktop: If you are logged into the console on your laptop/desktop, Scan the QR code from the device you wish to authorize. This installs an authorization cookie on the device.

Note: A QR code can only be scanned once. After scanning, you will receive confirmation that your device has been authorized. The console will then generate a new QR code that can be scanned to authorize another device.




Confirmation (Console)Confirmation (On Device)

From Mobile: If you are logged into directly on the mobile device you wish to authorize, simply click Authorize browser. Doing so installs an authorization cookie into your mobile browser, authorizing it to view any project within the current workspace.