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Importing Modules into Cloud Editor

Modules enable you to add reusable components to your project, allowing you to focus on the development of your core experience. The 8th Wall Cloud Editor allows you to import modules published by 8th Wall directly into your projects.

To import a module into your WebAR project

  1. Within the Cloud Editor, press the "+" button next to Modules.


  1. Select the module that you want to import from the list.


  1. Press "Import" to add your module to your project. Take note of the module alias. If you already have a module in your project with the same alias, you may be prompted to rename the module prior to adding it to your project.


  1. The module is now visible in your project listed under the "Modules" section.


  1. If you select the imported module, you will be taken to the module config page. This page can be used to configure various module parameter.


Once you have added a module your project you may have to make changes to your code to fully integrate the module. Modules contain documentation that should be referenced to understand how to integrate the specific module into your project code