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Niantic Identity

On 12/12/2023, 8th Wall will be moving to the Niantic Identity login system. This update will make logging into your 8th Wall account even faster and easier by allowing you to connect your existing Niantic account, or quickly create a new Niantic ID. The new system also enables social SSO so you can login with one-click Google or Apple login. You can also continue to use your existing email. Unifying under Niantic Identity provides a seamless experience across Niantic products and gives you full control to manage your profile. This change has no impact on your existing projects or account data.

How do I move to Niantic Identity?

  1. If you are logged in to proceed to step 4 otherwise open your web browser to
  2. Press “Log In”
  3. Enter the Email Address & Password associated with your 8th Wall account and press “Continue with email”.
  4. You should see a popup that says “8th Wall is moving to Niantic Identity!” press “Update my Login” on this popup.
  5. If you have used any Niantic game (Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now, Ingress, Peridot, etc) with an Apple or Google account press “Continue with Apple”, or “Continue with Google” and enter the account credentials for these third party services. If you have not used Niantic games in the past simply press “Connect with your Current Email”.
    • This step connects your 8th Wall account to existing Niantic accounts that you may already have. This cannot be done again in the future.
  6. Depending on the login method you selected you may have to press “Confirm” after this you should be complete with your migration to Niantic Identity!

Niantic Identity FAQ

What is Niantic Identity and why is 8th Wall switching to it?

Niantic Identity is a unified login system that connects all Niantic products like 8th Wall, Niantic games, and other Niantic services. We're switching to provide a seamless experience across the Niantic ecosystem.

How does Niantic Identity benefit me as an 8th Wall developer?

Niantic Identity allows easy access to 8th Wall with existing credentials from Niantic games. It also enables convenient login via Google or Apple.

Do I need to create a new account to use Niantic Identity?

No, your current 8th Wall account will automatically become a Niantic Identity. If you have an existing Niantic Identity you will have the opportunity to connect your existing Niantic ID to your 8th Wall account during the upgrade process.

I already have a Niantic account from playing Niantic games. How do I connect my existing Niantic ID to 8th Wall?

Connect your Niantic ID by entering your credentials when prompted during 8th Wall upgrade. Your accounts will then be linked.

What login options does Niantic Identity support? Can I still use email/password?

Yes, email/password login is still available after upgrade. Options like Google, and Apple login are now also supported.

Will any of my current 8th Wall project or account data be lost or changed when I upgrade to Niantic Identity?

None of your 8th Wall project data will be lost or changed during the upgrade process. If you have a profile image setup with 8th Wall you may have to re-upload your profile photo after upgrading to Niantic Identity.

Is there a timeline for when all 8th Wall developers need to upgrade? What happens if I don't upgrade in time?

Upgrading to Niantic Identity is required in order to develop with 8th Wall after 12/12/2023. If you have not yet upgraded you will be guided through an upgrade flow when you login.

How long does the upgrade process take? What do I need to do?

Upgrading takes just a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions on after logging in.

After upgrading, can I still use my old 8th Wall login credentials?

Yes, your old credentials will continue working even after upgrading.

Can I use Niantic Identity to login to 8th Wall on multiple devices?

Yes, use your Niantic Identity to access 8th Wall on any linked device.

Where can I go if I have trouble upgrading to Niantic Identity?

Contact 8th Wall support ( if you have trouble upgrading - we're happy to help!