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Project Dashboard

The project dashboard is your hub for managing 8th Wall projects. From the project dashboard page you can manage project settings, access the 8th Wall Cloud Editor, purchase commercial licenses, manage image targets, setup custom domains, and more.

The direct URL to your Project Dashboard is in the format:

Project Dashboard Overview


  1. Project Dashboard
  2. Device Authorization
  3. Open Editor
  4. Code Editor
  5. Project History
  6. Image Targets
  7. Project Settings
  8. Project Type
  9. Image Targets
  10. Setup Domains (8th Wall Hosted or Self-Hosted)
  11. Campaign Duration
  12. Campaign Redirect URL
  13. QR Code and Embeds
  14. Usage and Recent Trends

Managing Image Targets

To manage image targets for a given Project, click either the Image Target icon in the left navigation, or the "Manage Image Targets" link on the Project Dashboard.


For detailed information on Image Targets, please refer to the Image Target documentation.

Managing Lightship VPS Wayspots

To manage LightshipVPS Wayspots for a given project, click the map icon in the left navigation.


For detailed information on Lightship VPS for Web, please refer to the Lightship VPS for Web documentation.