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Project Settings

The Project Settings page allows you to:

  • Set developer preferences, such as Keybindings and Dark mode
  • Edit Project information:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Enable/Disable default splash screen
    • Update cover image
  • Manage staging passcode
  • Access the Project's App Key string
  • Set engine version
  • Unpublish app
  • Temporarily disable project
  • Delete project

Code Editor Preferences

The following Code Editor preferences can be set:

  • Dark Mode (On/Off)
    • Use a darker color palette in the Code Editor that uses darker background colors and lighter foreground colors.
  • Keybindings
    • Enable keybindings from popular text editors. Select from:
      • Normal
      • Sublime
      • Vim
      • Emacs
      • VSCode

Basic Information

Project Settings allows you to edit the Basic Information for your Project

Default Splash Screen

The Default Splash Screen is displayed at the beginning of each Web AR experience created using the 8th Wall Cloud Editor. It cannot be customized, however, it can be disabled for Commercial projects if you are on a paid Pro or Enterprise plan.


To Enable or Disable the Default Splash Screen:

  1. Go to the Project Settings page.
  2. Expand the Basic Information section.
  3. Toggle Default Splash Screen (On/Off)


Note: All projects must still display the Powered by 8th Wall badge on the loading page. It's included by default in the Loading Module and cannot be removed. Learn more about Customizing the Load Screen.

Staging Passcode

When your app is staged to (where XXXX represents your Workspace URL), it is passcode protected. In order to view the WebAR Project a user must first enter the passcode you provide. This is a great way to preview projects with clients or other stakeholders prior to launching publicly.

A passcode should be 5 or more characters and can include letters (A-Z, lower or upper case), numbers (0-9) and spaces.

App Key

Self-hosted Projects require an App Key to be added to the code. Self-hosting and App Keys are only available to paid Pro or Enterprise workspaces. App Keys are not available during the free trial period or to Starter/Plus plans.

To aceess the app key for a project:

  1. If your project type isn't "Self Hosted", please create a new project:


Click the Copy button and then paste it into your index.html

  1. In the left navigation, select Project Settings:


  1. Scroll down to the Self-Hosting section of the page and expand the My App Key widget:


  1. Click the Copy button paste the App Key string into the <script> tag in the <head> of your self-hosted code

Example - App Key

<!-- Replace the X's with your App Key -->
<script async src="//"></script>

Engine Version

You can specify the version of the 8th Wall engine used when serving public web clients (Release or Beta).

Users viewing a published experience will always be served the most recent version of 8th Wall Engine from that channel.

In general, 8th Wall recommends using the official release channel for production web apps.

If you would like to test your web app against a pre-release version of 8th Wall's Engine, which may contain new features and/or bug fixes that haven't gone through full QA yet, you can switch to the beta channel. Commercial experiences should not be launched on the beta channel.

Freezing Engine Version

NOTE: Engine version freezing is only available to Commercial projects with an active license.

To Freeze the current engine version, select the desired Channel (release or beta) and click the Freeze button.


To Re-join a Channel and stay up-to-date, click the Unfreeze button. This will unfreeze the Engine Version associated with your Project and re-join a Channel (release or beta) to use the latest version available to that channel.


Unpublish App

Unpublishing your project will remove it from staging ( or public (

You can publish it again at any time from the Code Editor or Project History pages.

Click Unpublish Staging to take your Project down from

Click Unpublish Public to take your Project down from

Temporarily Disable Project

If you disable your project, your app will not be viewable. Views will not be counted while disabled.

You will still be charged for any active commercial licenses on projects that are temporarily disabled.

Toggle the slider to Disable / Enable your project.

Delete Project

A project with a commercial license cannot be deleted. Visit the Account page to cancel an active commercial project.

Deleting an Project will cause it to stop working. You cannot undo this operation.