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QR 8Code

As a convenience, 8th Wall branded QR codes (aka "8 Codes") can be generated for a Project, making it easy to scan from mobile device to access your WebAR project. You are always welcome to generate your own QR codes, or use third-party QR code generation websites or services.

The QR Code on the project dashboard points to a unique "" shortlink for your project. This shortlink then redirects a user to the URL of your Web AR experience.

Both the QR Code and "" code for a given project are static and will not change based on project type or license.

8th Wall Hosted Projects (NO connected domain)

If your project is using the default 8th Wall hosted URL (in the format of ""), the QR Code and shortlink will always redirect to the default URL. It it not possible to modify the destination URL.


8th Wall Hosted Projects (WITH connected domain)

If you have configured a connected domain for your 8th Wall hosted project, you'll have the option to set the QR Code / Shortlink destination to either the default URL of the project, or the primary connected domain.

Use the radio button to set your QR Code / Shortlink destination:


Self Hosted Projects

To generate a QR code and shortlink, enter the full URL to your self-hosted project and click Save:


The generated QR code can be downloaded in either PNG or SVG format to be included on a website, physical media, or other locations to make it easy for users to scan with their smartphones to visit the self-hosted URL. Click the pencil icon to edit the shortlink destination should the self-hosted URL change in the future.