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What's New

8th Wall Release 23 is now available! This release provides a number of updates and enhancements:

Release 23: (2023-August-24, v23.1.1.2275 / 2023-August-09, v23.0.12.2275 / 2023-July-28, v23.0.7.2275 / 2023-July-25, v23.0.4.2275)

  • New Features:

    • Introducing Hand Tracking - use hands, wrists, and fingers as an interactive canvas for immersive WebAR experiences.
      • Attach 3D objects to an industry leading 36 hand attachment points.
      • Use the 8th Wall engine’s adaptive hand mesh to match the size & volume of any hand.
      • Added Hand Tracking Coaching Overlay module to guide users through a flow to ensure their hands are in view of the camera.
    • Updated PlayCanvas integration to support Hand Tracking. (
    • Added XrDevice.deviceInfo API to query detailed device information. (
  • Fixes and Enhancements:

    • Improved SLAM relocalization snaps AR content back to the proper position more quickly and with better precision after an interruption.
    • Refined camera selection on Android devices.
    • Cleaned up warnings related to default xrhand parameters. (
    • Fixed an issue with WebGL context on MacOS devices using Safari. (
    • Improved SLAM tracking on a wide range of devices. (
  • XRExtras Enhancements:

    • New A-Frame components for easy Hand Tracking development.
    • Fixed shadow shader in PlayCanvas.

Click Here for to see a full list of changes.