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What's New

8th Wall Release 22.1 is now available! This release provides a number of updates and enhancements:

Release 22.1: (2023-May-15, v22.1.7.1958 / 2023-May-03, v22.1.2.1958)

  • New Features:

    • Added multi-face support for Face Effects, allowing you to augment up to three faces simultaneously in a single experience.
    • Updated Face Effects to support either standard or projected UVs, enabling you to easily draw Face Effect designs on a projected face mesh.
  • Fixes and Enhancements:

    • Fixed a device orientation issue on iOS 16.4 devices.
    • Fixed a performance issue that could occur when using one controller on a Meta Quest device.
    • Improved performance of three.js experiences on headsets. (
  • XRExtras Enhancements:

    • Added face-id parameter to xrextras-faceanchor to support new multi-face functionality. (

Click Here for to see a full list of changes.