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Can't connect to "serve" script


I'm using the "serve" script (from 8th Wall Web's public GitHub repo: to run a local webserver on my laptop and it says it's listening on My phone is unable to connect to the laptop using that IP address.


"" is the loopback address of your laptop (aka "localhost"), so other devices such as your phone won't be able to connect directly to that IP address. For some reason, the serve script has decided to listen on the loopback interface.


Please re-run the serve script with the -i flag and specify the network interface you wish to use.

Example (Mac)

./serve/bin/serve -d gettingstarted/xraframe/ -p 7777 -i en0

Example (Windows)

Note: Run the following command using a standard Command Prompt window (cmd.exe). The *script will generate errors if run from PowerShell.

serve\bin\serve.bat -d gettingstarted\xraframe -p 7777 -i WiFi

If you are still unable to connect, please check the following:

  • Make sure that your computer and mobile device are both connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Disable the local firewall running on your computer.
  • To connect, either scan the QR code or make sure to copy the entire "Listening" URL into your browser, including both the "https://" at the beginning and port number at the end.