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Version 1.0.0: (2024-June-18)

  • New Features:

    • Initial release of Niantic Studio! Hello World!
    • Key updates for 1.0.0 include initial systems and editor tooling for physics, animations, player inputs, cameras, lighting, particles, audio, 3D models, materials, meshes and much more. See the Studio documentation for more information on these systems.
  • Known Issues:

    • Studio Version 1.0.0 is in Public Beta which means features may be unstable or less performant. During Beta we’ll continue to make improvements and fix issues to support your development needs. Visit our Forum or use our Report a Bug feature in the Studio interface to provide your feedback and contribute to the refinement of Studio.
    • Performance and speed of the Studio (both editing and Simulator play back) will be slower on lower end devices.