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Dune - AR Avatars

Create your own custom Dune Avatar with this WebAR avatar experience.

Create your own custom Dune avatar in this first-of-its kind cross-platform avatar experience.

To promote the launch of the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster film, Dune, Aircards developed an innovative cross-platform avatar experience that enabled users to create their own custom 3D Dune avatars in partnership with Yahoo Creative Studios, Ready Player Me, Ringtail Studios and powered by 8th Wall, this innovative experience is the first-of-its kind to incorporate Ready Player Me with 8th Wall.

In the experience, Dune fans could create their own custom avatar by uploading a selfie of themselves or by customizing one of the avatars provided to them. Next, users personalized their avatars to look like a citizen of the planet Arrakis by choosing from a variety of custom designed Dune character outfits, hair style and eye colors.

Once their avatar is created, users can view their custom avatar in web-based augmented reality or download it to use across platforms in hundreds of compatible games and environments.

WebXR Experience Features

Custom features within this experience included:

  • Custom avatar creation
  • Dune themed 3D character outfits
  • Custom 3D animation
  • Media recorder to capture photos for easy social sharing
  • Advanced analytics provision
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Featured screenshot
Featured screenshot
Featured screenshot