Image Targets

Trigger interactive WebAR experiences using images

Bring to Life Packaging, Posters, Print Ads and More

Image Targets offer users the ability to unlock hidden AR content by scanning visuals with their phone's camera, immediately transforming static materials into an immersive experience. Developers, brands and retailers use Image Targets to connect digital to print media.

Image Targets

Image Targets allow users to scan images on any surface (flat or curved) such as logos, labels, murals and more to trigger a WebAR experience. The 3D content also has the ability to interact with the real life object it's on—as well as the user's own environment—using World Tracking.

curved image target

Flat and Curved Surfaces

Activation of images on flat surfaces as well as those wrapped around cylinder and cone-shaped objects such as boxes, bottles, cans and cones.

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Precise Image Tracking

Precise tracking to images and objects lets AR content interact with physical products, as well as the user's own environment, for an immersive experience.

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Endless image targets

Endless Image Targets

Users can activate hundreds of image targets for use cases such as geo-fenced image target hunts, AR books or magazines, and more.

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Answers to commonly asked questions about WebAR and Image Targets

What is WebAR?

WebAR, or web-based augmented reality, refers to the technology which enables augmented reality to work within a browser. WebAR requires no app to download. Users access WebAR by clicking a link or scanning a QR code to open an AR-enabled web page in their browser.

What kinds of use cases are popular with Image Targets?

Image Targets enable you to transform any image or physical marker into a WebAR experience. Some examples of engaging activations that developers, brands and agencies have created include:

  • Connected Packaging: Transforming boxes, labels, bottles and cups into an experience.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Inviting users to search an area (such as a store or town) to find and unlock AR content. 
  • Storefront Murals or Displays: Transform artwork on buildings or window displays into an interactive experience.
  • Product Visualization: Inviting users to scan a print ad or catalogue page to bring a 3D product or hologram into their world.
What devices can users experience Image Targets on?

Users can activate Image Targets using any smartphone or tablet.

What is the frame rate for tracking?

Tracking runs at 60 frames per second (fps).

Is it possible to activate Image Targets on curved surfaces?

Yes. Image Targets work on both flat and curved surfaces (such as a cylindrical bottle or a cone-shaped cup).

Can users take a selfie or record a video of their Image Target experience to share in a message or across social media?

Yes. Users can capture a selfie or video of their Image Target experience and then share it to the most popular social media and messaging applications. 

How can users go from viewing products to checking out?

Since all 8th Wall AR experiences harness the power of the web, developers can integrate real-time APIs such as inventory or SKU data to create experiences that reflect real-time availability and product information to guide users from product selection to purchase with ease.