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PizzaHut Pac-Man - The WebAR Edition

The Pizza Hut ARcade presents PAC-MAN®! Order a $10 Tastemaker and turn your Pizza Hut box into a tabletop arcade game.

Tool collaborated with GSD&M and Pizza Hut to bring to life the classic Bandai Namco arcade game PAC-MAN® using WebAR. Two of the biggest challenges and opportunities were to:

1) Re-imagine a world-renowned game using modern technology.

2) Create an Augmented Reality version of the game that is easy to use and can work for millions of Pizza Hut customers.

Customers received a special edition pizza box that served as the AR marker, allowing them to activate PAC-MAN® via their mobile browser and have the PAC-MAN® map and characters animate and play on top of the box.

Ultimately, we created 3 levels of the game and now millions of Pizza Hut customers are vying for supremacy on the leaderboard.

Featured screenshot
Featured screenshot
Featured screenshot