Augmented Reality for the Web

Imagine being able to view and interact with 3D objects in your environment in real time, without leaving your mobile browser. Augmented reality (AR) for the web is here, and we’re pretty excited about it. What does this mean exactly? Well, if you’re a brand, you can publish your own custom AR experience to your website. You can update it in real time and most importantly, anyone can view it, regardless of the mobile device or operating system they’re using. Your customers won’t even have to download an app.

How It Works

Built entirely using standards-compliant JavaScript and WebGL, 8th Wall Web is a complete implementation of 8th Wall’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine, hyper-optimized for real-time AR on mobile browsers. Features include 6-Degrees of Freedom Tracking, Lighting Estimation, Surface Detection, World Points, Hit Tests, Image Target detection and tracking.


6-DoF Tracking

Image Targets

Lighting Estimation

Surface Detection

World Points

Hit Tests

What This Means for Brands


AR experiences can now run directly on any existing website and are accessible by most smartphones with a camera and web browser. No apps needed.


Customers are no longer required to leave your website to download an app, which greatly improves the overall user experience.


Previewing items in AR provides a more realistic representation of products, increasing purchasing confidence.

Use Cases

Online Publications

Instantly accessible 3D content embedded within articles to enhance storytelling.


Ability for users to preview items in their real world environment before purchasing.

Interactive Ads

Custom AR campaigns encourage users to engage and interact with brands in real time.


Characters, games and stories spring to life with AR.


Instantly accessible 3D content embedded within promotional email campaigns.


3D content and interactions to enhance lesson plans and provide tools for online learning.

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