Metaversal Deployment

Build WebAR experiences once and deploy across devices and platforms.

Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Create immersive WebXR experiences with a single build and deploy it across an array of devices—from smartphones and desktops to cutting-edge head-mounted displays (HMDs).


Efficient scaling with the power of the web

With one build, quickly deliver engaging experiences across all platforms and devices, increasing reach without additional resources:

black-checkmark Extensive Device Compatibility: Ensure your WebXR projects work seamlessly on a diverse range of devices, including smartphones and advanced HMDs like Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro.

black-checkmark Uniform Cross-Platform Experiences: Use Metaversal Deployment to either maintain a consistent user experience or adapt interactions to leverage each device’s unique capabilities.

black-checkmark Efficient Workflow Integration: Easily incorporate Metaversal Deployment into your existing WebAR projects or start new ones, using our robust development tools to accelerate production.
Actual footage on Meta Quest Pro (500 x 500 px)

Enhance engagement on each platform

Deliver compelling user experiences that are finely tuned to the specific context and features of each platform:

black-checkmark Adaptable Experiences: Tailor AR or XR interactions to fit the context and capabilities of each platform, ensuring relevant and compelling user experiences.

black-checkmark Consistent User Experience: Ensure a uniform user experience, keeping engagement high regardless of the platform.

black-checkmark Platform-Specific Enhancements: Leverage unique features of each platform to amplify engagement, such as Apple Vision Pro's precise VR for intricate interactions.

Tailor experiences for each device

Deploy a consistent experiences across devices or create asymmetrical experiences that account for the unique capabilities of each device.

black-checkmark Flexible Environment Interaction: Encourage indoor and outdoor gameplay with cross-device experiences.  

black-checkmark Fluid transitions between AR and VR: Seamlessly transition from pass-through environments to VR environments.  

black-checkmark Dynamic Gameplay Across Devices: Design asymmetrical gameplay across devices that cater to the strengths and interaction models of different devices.

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Answers to commonly asked questions about Metaversal Deployment

What is Metaversal Deployment?

Metaversal Deployment is a feature offered by 8th Wall that allows developers to create and deploy XR experiences across multiple platforms, including head-mounted displays (HMDs) like the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This tool enables the creation of seamless and immersive WebAR and WebVR experiences that are accessible on a wide range of devices without the need for app downloads.

How does Metaversal Deployment benefit developers?

Metaversal Deployment benefits developers by simplifying the process of creating cross-platform AR experiences. It eliminates the need to develop separate versions for different devices, reducing development time and cost. Additionally, it provides a wide reach, allowing developers to engage a larger audience by making their applications accessible on both HMDs and mobile devices.

Does Metaversal Deployment support Shared AR or multiplayer experiences?
Metaversal Deployment enhances WebAR experiences by enabling seamless Shared AR and multiplayer interactions across various devices, such as head-mounted displays and mobile platforms. Here’s how it facilitates multiplayer functionality:
  • Real-Time Synchronization: Ensures all actions and environments are synced in real time across all participants, maintaining cohesive and interactive experiences.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Allows users to join multiplayer experiences from different devices, expanding accessibility and user engagement.
  • Scalable Connectivity: Efficiently handles multiple users simultaneously, supporting larger-scale AR applications without performance loss.
  • Shared Environmental Interactions: Enables players to interact with and alter shared virtual elements, crucial for collaborative and competitive play.
  • Developer Support: Provides robust APIs and tools for easy implementation of multiplayer features, helping developers manage connections and data sharing effectively.

This streamlined support system allows developers to create dynamic and immersive Shared AR experiences that connect users in regardless of their device or platforms. 

Can Metaversal Deployment be used for commercial projects?

Absolutely. Metaversal Deployment is designed to scale from small personal projects to large-scale commercial deployments. It supports high user loads and maintains performance, making it ideal for businesses looking to leverage AR for marketing, training, entertainment, and more.

What devices are supported by Metaversal Deployment?

Because 8th Wall is available through the browser,  Metaversal Deployment is compatible with a wide range of devices including, but not limited to, Meta Quest, various iOS and Android smartphones, desktop computers, Apple Vision Pro, and Magic Leap.