Frequently Asked Questions

8th Wall is the leading development platform for web-based reality content (WebAR & WebVR). 8th Wall offers a complete solution to create, publish and distribute WebAR and WebVR content including our Cloud Editor, AR Engine, and Built-in Hosting.

Built entirely using standards-compliant JavaScript and WebGL, 8th Wall's AR Engine is a complete implementation of 8th Wall’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine, hyper-optimized for real time interactive browser-based AR.

8th Wall's AR Engine features include:

  • World Tracking: Create markerless experiences that allow the user to place interactive 3D content in their real world environment.
    • 6DoF Positional Tracking: Allows the user to explore their space and interact with AR content using only their smartphone camera and gyro.
    • Surface Estimation: Allows detection of the ground or other flat surfaces such as tables for precise virtual object placement.
    • Lighting Estimation: Lighting levels in the user’s real world can be used to match lighting in an AR scene.
    • World Points: Points in the world can be detected and used by an AR experience for visualization.
  • Image Targets: Allows web apps to instantly detect and track any uploaded image on flat and curved surfaces.
  • Face Effects: Render face meshes or anchor 3D objects such as glasses or jewelry to a variety of face attachment points.

Yes, 8th Wall has a number of integrations with major volumetric video, or hologram, partners including Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios, 8i, Tetavi, Depthkit and Arcturus.

8th Wall’s AR Engine supports nearly 3.5 billion smartphones across Android and iOS devices. Learn more about our mobile browser requirements here.

8th Wall's AR Engine is compatible with any browser that meets the requirements outlined here.

8th Wall Web is easily integrated into 3D JavaScript frameworks such as A-Frame, three.js, Babylon.js, PlayCanvas and Amazon Sumerian.

Yes, 8th Wall provides a complete solution to create, collaborate and distribute your WebAR and WebVR projects. Our Cloud Editor is a cloud-based coding environment complete with integrated source control, commit history, live previewing, wireless remote debugging, and push-button publishing to a global CDN.

Yes, 8th Wall provides hosting as part of our Pro or Enterprise subscription. Hosting is available for all projects which are created with the 8th Wall Cloud Editor.

If you are on a paid Pro or Enterprise plan, you can host your WebAR experiences on your own web server . In order to do so, you will need to specify a list of approved URLs that are approved to host your Project.

Yes, 8th Wall allows you to use custom domains for both Self-Hosted projects as well as 8th Wall hosted projects.

8th Wall has powered over 1,000 commercial experiences across industry verticals. You can find commercial examples of 8th Wall powered experiences featured on the 8th Wall blog or by visiting the Profile Pages of our Partners via our Partner Page.

8th Wall has a network of Partners around the world who are verified experts in using our platform to create commercial experiences. Find a partner here.

8th Wall offers a 14-day free trial which gives you full access to our complete set of tools during this period. Get started with a Free Trial here.

8th Wall provides a 14-day free trial which gives you full access to our complete set of tools to create non-commercial projects during this period. In order to continue using 8th Wall outside of this trial period, and to launch a commercial experience using our tools, a subscription is required. Our Pro subscription is $99 monthly. Custom enterprise subscriptions are also available. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

After your 14-day free trial, your account is automatically upgraded to the 8th Wall Pro Plan ($99.00 per month). Cancel online before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged for the monthly subscription. There are no credits or refunds for partial or unused months.

8th Wall subscriptions automatically renew on a monthly basis until you cancel. You may cancel your 8th Wall plan at any time by logging into your 8th Wall account and going to the “Account” page. If you are cancelling during your free trial period, you will not be charged. Click on “Cancel Subscription” and you will continue to have access to the 8th Wall platform until your trial expires at the end of the 14-day period. If you are cancelling while on a paid plan, you will have access to 8th Wall through the end of your billing period. There are no credits or refunds for partial or unused months.

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