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(REPLAY) AR Voices: Bringing Underrepresented History to Life with VPS

Discover how the team behind the Kinfolk app uses location-based AR to illuminate underrepresented histories, in a deep dive into their creative process and technological innovation.

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(REPLAY) Niantic AR Workshop: Mastering Location-Based AR with VPS

Discover the power of VPS in our "Niantic AR Workshop: Mastering Location-Based AR," designed for developers using Lightship or 8th Wall to enhance real-world interactivity in AR projects.

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(REPLAY) Info + Ideation Explore Together: Location-Based AR Challenge

Join us to kickstart the new challenge of the year in collaboration with the Lightship community.

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8th Wall Updates and Announcements

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The Ad Council and Feeding America Launch Augmented Reality Experience to Help Inspire Audiences to End Hunger in the United States

New immersive digital activation highlights the impact of food on people’s lives as 44 million people in the United States live in food insecure households

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Explore Together: Location-Based AR Challenge

We're excited to announce our summer developer challenge, the "Explore Together: Location-Based AR Challenge." For the first time, the 8th Wall and Lightship communities will come together, pushing the limits of what can be achieved with AR. This challenge, running from May 6th to June 24th, calls on you to leverage our powerful Visual Positioning System (VPS) to create innovative, location-based AR experiences that bring real-world locations to life.


Monthly Themes

Create an experience using the themes to be featured, make sure to add the tags to your 8th Wall experience


May Themes

#RetroRewind2024 - create AR experiences that bring a nostalgic touch to life. #MusicFest2024- develop AR projects that blend music and technology. #SpaceExploration2024 - develop AR projects that explore the cosmos

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June Themes

#Pride2024: Celebrate U.S. Pride Month by creating WebAR experiences that honor the LGBTQ+ community. #Games2024: Get audiences outdoors by designing WebAR games that encourage outdoor play and physical activity.

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Theme of the Month Submission

MozARTistry: A Musical Voyage - A Musical Voyage offers an immersive AR journey through the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Explore, learn, and be inspired!

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