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Almond Breeze

From our sunny orchards in California to the carton of Almond Breeze in your hand, our almonds go on a special journey to become delicious almondmilk

Tactic created a series of web-based AR experiences that triggered directly from the packaging of the entire line of Almond Breeze products, which launched alongside the new packaging designs in 2021. These included existing products, such as their line of almond milks in various package types, flavors and portions, as well as on their related lines of creamers and almond yogurt products. Each of these tell a grower’s story, as well as describing the ingredients and tastes of each line of product, and finishes with an interactive menu of recipes featuring these products that update through the seasons, All of these are accessed via on-package QR codes, which launch the user directly into the web-based app, so that the user may trigger any of these AR experiences on the packaging directly from their mobile web browsers on their phones, from the company URL, at https://ar.almondbreeze.com/ Tactic created an additional standalone AR experience, which users can trigger if they don’t have a package as well, which features a complete almond orchard and farm.

Featured screenshot
Featured screenshot