About Us

Breaking the wall between digital and physical worlds

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8th Wall is redefining Augmented Reality by breaking down the walls between the physical and digital worlds. We’re the world’s first company to bridge the development gap between iOS and Android. Create an app with 8th Wall once and it will automatically work across any commonly available iOS or Android phone and integrate seamlessly with ARKit and ARCore.

Why limit your app to just 400 million phones? With 8th Wall, your universe expands. Your app can be downloaded by over 2.3 billion devices.

With 8th Wall, you’re closer than ever to your AR killer app.

Our Team

8th Wall is a team of proven experts with deep expertise in computer vision, image infrastructure, machine learning and full-stack mobile product development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break the wall between the digital world and the physical world.

Our Technology

8th Wall is developing pixel-perfect AR computer vision & machine learning APIs and native plugins that make it easy to build mobile apps that interact with the world.

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