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MLSE The Raptorverse - Powered by AXE

A live, virtual world for Toronto Raptors NBA fans to explore — packed full of prizes to help you find your fresh. Powered by AXE and Array of Stars.

A live, virtual world for Toronto Raptors NBA fans to explore — packed full of prizes to help you find your fresh. Powered by AXE and Array of Stars.

Bridging the Physical, Virtual, and Digital


We are frequently asked by clients and brands; "How should we really be approaching the concept of virtual experiences?"

Our answer is simple: Create incredible places for fans to get closer to the brands they love and reward them for their time. Focus on what fans want: Status, Access, Power & Stuff.

AXE is always investing in cool new ideas, and this challenged us to come up with something that could bring the message to a wider audience around a few key questions:

  1. How can we connect the NBA's Toronto Raptors fans to AXE’s new Cool Ocean scent in a more immersive way?
  2. How do we leverage Scottie Barnes to amplify the brand connection to the Raptors?
  3. How do we create cultural relevance and buzz worthiness amongst Gen Z for AXE?
  4. How can we promote and prioritize National Inclusivity (not limited to Toronto, as the Raptors are actually CANADA's team)?


To our target demo, unlocking your fresh means many things, but all of those things connect to a desire to step beyond themselves, a gateaway to a cooler, fresher ‘other’ space that only AXE can unlock.

The Raptorverse is a place that visitors can navigate and explore with the goal of spotting Scottie Barnes and winning some incredible merchandise and experiences.

The Augmented Reality experience is made up of a number of different "biomes" that visitors can explore, each themed after specific places within the Toronto core and tied to a specific AXE product: Cool Ocean Court, Phoenix Rise, Wild Park and Apollo Port.

Using a mobile device, visitors can pivot 360º around in order to navigate around these biomes while hunting for hidden prizes by keeping their eyes open for "Fresh Artifacts".

Depending on certain criteria (like time of day, special events, etc), these prizes have a number of different rarities. From Socks to OVO Sweaters and a grand prize of a Scotiabank Arena Raptors Court experience, the prizes are stacked (10,000).

The Raptorverse is a perfect example of what we at Array of Stars like to do: create great experiences for people to enjoy, powered by brands they love with a reward for their time spent. While too early to be definitive, the response has been impressive, with tens of thousands of visitors and an 8 min average per-site visit time.


Strategy // Campaign Architecture // Mechanics // Activation Calendar // Integrations // Prizing

Creative // World Building // Gamification // Concept Art // 3D & Animation // UX & UI Design

Development // Augmented Reality / Real-time 3D / Mobile / 8th Wall / Prizing API

Analytics // GTM Integration // Reporting & Monitoring

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