Niantic Studio (Beta)

Craft the next generation of immersive XR and 3D experiences.

Enabling immersive XR and 3D experiences

Niantic Studio is visual editor and web gaming platform for building rich, XR and 3D experiences, mini web games, and more in real time.

Building 3D and XR experiences is now as enjoyable as playing them

Niantic Studio revolutionizes WebXR and 3D content development with a real-time 3D interface that's accessible to creators of all skill levels.

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Create Powerful XR

Create powerful Face Effects and World Effects with ease or access the code to make it your own.

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Build 3D Content

Develop rich 3D web games, immersive VR and MR experiences, and more with easy-to-use tools.

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Deploy Across Devices

Build powerful XR experiences and deploy them across devices with cross-platform deployment.

Powerful visual editor for rapid creativity and collaboration

Studio’s comprehensive workspace and visual tooling enables you to build both simple and complex immersive experiences.

Drag-and-drop creation

Craft AR Face Effects or World Effects with ease. Studio’s intuitive interface enables you to bring your vision to life visually and offers the freedom to access the underlying code so that you can make the experience entirely your own. 

Editable live play

Build, edit, and preview 3D scenes in real time. Play Mode allows you to preview your experience and even make changes while your project plays, saving automatically to ensure rapid iteration.  

All-new web gaming engine

Built on a familiar Entity Component System (ECS) gaming structure, Studio offers a powerful new web gaming engine to help you quickly build interaction and gameplay into your XR or 3D projects.

Built-in physics for unprecedented realism

Quickly add and configure real-time physics to build realistic interactive experiences, all accessible within the new Studio interface.

Interactive elements like lighting, particle systems, and more

Quickly bring experiences to life with built-in tools for managing 3D models, cameras, lighting, audio, animation, particles, player actions, and more added in just a few clicks.

Advanced XR features

Studio includes the powerful WebXR features Niantic 8th Wall is known for. Create immersive XR experiences with our powerful WebXR engine.

AR scenes with Face Effects and World Tracking

Use our new visual editing tools to quickly develop AR scenes using Face Effects or World Tracking.

Cross-platform deployment

Easily create immersive experiences and deploy them across mobile devices and leading headsets such as Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quests, Magic Leap, and more with cross-platform deployment.

Studio Features

Intuitive, 3D Visual Interface (1)

These are just the start! While Studio is in public beta we’ll continue to add new features and tools to support your development needs. Share your thoughts, and suggest features in our Forum to contribute to the refinement and growth of Studio.


Answers to commonly asked questions about Niantic Studio

What is Niantic Studio?

Niantic Studio is two things - a new visual editor Niantic 8th Wall and a powerful new web gaming engine. 

It moves 8th Wall from a code-heavy website building tool to a true visual editing experience that makes everything you create accessible and visible in real time. Niantic Studio offers progressive complexity that enables you to build immersive experiences easily and quickly, while continuing to offer the professional-quality tools, code, and customization that you expect from 8th Wall.

How does Niantic Studio support existing games?

Niantic Studio is a great fit for supporting other aspects of existing games like:

New user engagement/UA: With Niantic Studio, drive new users engagement or conversion by creating short first-time user experiences that encourage trial or demo without app installation. Studio makes it easy to build these types of short form, widely distributed experiences that drive conversion and engagement with fewer drop off points.

Concept prototyping and demo sharing: Niantic Studio supports creators and teams that want to quickly spin up a concept, collaboratively develop on it, and easily share it out. There’s no build compilation time, no Testflight management, or roundabout device permission flows to see the experience. And, with  Studio’s Simulator, in one-click you can virtually “deploy” an AR experience to a range of devices and real-world environments to view the user experience remotely and realistically.  Supporting this kind of rapid iteration and concept sharing is what Studio is all about.

How much does Niantic Studio cost?

Niantic Studio’s all-in-one tools are available for free and across all 8th Wall plan types. This means anyone can build, prototype, and deploy their  individual 3D and XR projects without any cost. With free access, nothing is standing in your way, allowing independent creators and developers to start building their personal projects in Studio immediately.

What happens to my Starter or Plus Plan with the release of the new Basic plan for Niantic Studio?

With the release of Niantic Studio, 8th Wall also introduced a new Basic free tier for Gaming and Marketing. 

This tier replacing the previously offered Starter and Pro plans. However, those currently on the Starter or Pro plans will be grandfathered in and can use both Niantic Studio and the legacy Cloud Editor. 

If you cancel a legacy Starter or Plus plan, you'll still have read-only access to projects created with the Cloud Editor. However, to edit them again, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro Marketing plan.

Once your Starter or Plus plan is canceled, you won't be able to resubscribe to those specific plans. If you want to access and edit your Cloud Editor projects again in the future, upgrading to the Pro Marketing plan will be your option. For more details, view our pricing page.