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Be a Longhorn AR Tour

AR Tour of UT Austin led by BEVO

AR Tour of UT Austin led by BEVO


Texas Immersive Institute was tasked to have UT Austin stand out from the pack of colleges all clawing for the attention of digital-first 17-18 year olds. We were also asked to share the story of what it's like to be a Longhorn - from living on campus, to the academic experience, to the long-lasting traditions and history of the 40 Acres. After our experience, prospective students should be able to envision campus life and be confident if UT Austin is the right choice for them

AR Tour

The Augmented Reality Tour of UT Austin is the second component of the three-part Be a Longhorn experience. Through the first component, The AR Map Mailer, UT’s loyal steer BEVO invites prospective students for an on-campus tour of UT Austin.

Once the User has arrived on campus, BEVO takes them on a joy ride down Speedway - the heart of campus - where they meet integral characters to UT Austin’s culture:

  • Ace the Albino Squirrel
  • BEVO Bot
  • Domino the Cat
  • The Bat
  • Hook ‘Em

They’ll also what it takes to Be a Longhorn as each character is tied to one of The 40 Acre’s Core Values:

  • Individual Opportunity
  • Discovery
  • Learning
  • Responsibility
  • Freedom
  • Leadership

In addition, each core value is supplemented with an interactive experience that integrates user agency into the story:

  • Draw your Longhorn
  • Chuck the Football
  • Match the Books
  • Pick your favorite clubs
  • Pose with BEVO

User’s are equipped with a map that has set coordinates of where to find each of the characters. While BEVO offers a helping hand, story progression depends on where the User wants to go and which characters they want to meet first.

Once completing the tour, BEVO asks the User to meet him back at the UT Austin Welcome Center, where the third and final component of the Be a Longhorn experience is located: The AR Photobooth.

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