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Doritos - Make Your Play

PepsiCo's Doritos push for return of live concerts with this augmented reality experience

Doritos launched their ‘Make Your Play’ platform, supported by a campaign utilising augmented reality (AR) technology provided by Poplar Studio. The campaign encouraged music fans to enter into a competition to win tickets for festivals, events and discounted tickets. With the iconic Doritos chip turned on its side to form a play button, UK users saw the buttons pop up physically and virtually, unlocking a summer full of live music events.

The WebAR effect was displayed across interactive posters across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff and Southampton. Those who spotted the posters were able to scan the QR code to access the augmented reality experience, where they placed a play button in the form of the iconic Doritos chip into their surroundings. When placed, it then transformed and an audio reactive portal opened showing 3D objects and music content.

As play buttons were activated across the country, Doritos unlocked250 pairs of day tickets on DICE to Strawberries & Creem Festival, as well as further discounted tickets to watch the superstar line-up including Koffee, Burna Boy, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Bugzy Malone.

Featured screenshot
Featured screenshot
Featured screenshot