8th Wall XR for Unity®

Build mobile AR applications in minutes and roll them out everywhere with the 8th Wall XR developer platform. Our 6DoF camera tracking and instant world tracking computer vision technology make it quick and easy to build full AR experiences compatible with billions of iOS and Android devices, not just the limited subset that support ARKit or ARCore. 8th Wall XR works by utilizing ARKit and ARCore when available, and 8th Wall SLAM when they’re not. This delivers the best possible AR experience to each user, no matter what device they’re on.

Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Reach 2.5+ Billion More Devices

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6-DoF Tracking

Six degrees of freedom allows your virtual object to stay exactly where you want it, with minimal drift. Uses ARKit/ARCore if supported, and 8th Wall SLAM if not.


Your objects will blend seamlessly into the environment using advanced lighting features such as ambient light intensity, temperature, and proper shadow alignment from GPS.

Surface Estimation

Precise horizontal and vertical surface detection allow for accurate tracking and object placement.

XR Remote

Test your AR app before you build with 8th Wall XR Remote. Simply connect over WiFi or USB and hit play in the Unity® editor.

How it works

Generate a FREE app key

Add 8th Wall XR to Unity®

Develop with 8th Wall XR

Test it out with XR Remote

Deploy app to iOS/Android

Test drive your app before you build with XR Remote

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Test drive your mobile AR app over WiFi or USB before you deploy.


Preview, experience and share 3D assets in World Space as you build them into your app.

Looking for a more tailored solution?

We now offer computer vision and custom platform support for Enterprise customers.