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Introducing the all-new 8th Wall Cloud Editor

8th Wall’s code editor gets its biggest update since launch with IntelliSense, Code Peek, updated themes and more

Jan 26, 2023 . 3 min read . Announcements
Introducing the all-new 8th Wall Cloud Editor

Today we are excited to announce the all-new 8th Wall Cloud Editor, available today to all 8th Wall developers.

We’ve listened to your feedback and heard loud and clear that saving time and maximizing effort is critical to your success. We expect our updated Cloud Editor to enhance your coding experience and supercharge your development. 

The 8th Wall Cloud Editor was built from the ground up for browser-based AR/VR development. Together with our AR Engine, the Cloud Editor equips developers with a complete set of tools to create, collaborate and publish web-based augmented reality content that works across iOS and Android devices with no app required. Our powerful IDE includes the code editor, integrated source control, commit history, live preview, wireless remote debugging and push-button hosting on a global CDN. 

Here are just a few of the new features we can’t wait for you to use. 


The 8th Wall Cloud Editor now features intelligent code completion via IntelliSense. With IntelliSense, you'll be able to write code faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. IntelliSense is provided for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, SCSS, and A-Frame. With features such as code completion and parameter information, IntelliSense is the ultimate companion for developers. 

The code completion feature is designed to intelligently suggest options for code snippets, reducing the need for manual typing and minimizing the possibility of errors. Parameter information eliminates the need to constantly refer to documentation by providing you with an in-depth understanding of the expected inputs, making it easier to use functions and methods. Use Intellisense to learn more and type less so you can focus on bringing your AR experience to life. 

Whether you've been developing WebAR for years or just starting your coding journey, IntelliSense is the perfect tool to take your skills to the next level. 

Code Peek

Reduce context switching and reference alternate files with Code Peek. Using Code Peek, never lose your place in a file again while looking to implement a valuable function from elsewhere in your project. This feature allows you to preview the definition of a function, variable, or class without leaving the current editor window. It is particularly useful when working with large codebases.

Go to Definition

Easily modify and update existing functions across your project with Go to Definition. This feature allows you to quickly navigate to where a function, variable, or class is defined, making it easy to understand your code and modify it. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on more complex aspects of implementing your AR experience.

Command palette 

Get quick and easy access to all the commands you need without navigating through menus or needing to remember specific keyboard shortcuts with the Command Palette. This feature saves you time and effort by making it easy to copy lines of code, rename symbols across files, fold code snippets and more.

Updated dark and light themes

Our updated dark and light themes reduce eye strain and fatigue allowing you to code longer. The new themes feature a  cooler color palette and increased contrast ratios based on web content accessibility guidelines, resulting in improved code legibility. Developers can expect improved readability, including those impacted by color blindness, through optimized syntax highlighting.

Our all-new code editor is available today in the Cloud Editor for all developers with an active Workspace. Don’t have a workspace? Get full access to all of our tools including the 8th Wall Cloud Editor for 14-days by signing up for our Free Trial

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🙌  A big thank you to our developer community for providing us with helpful feedback on our product. We’re continuing to develop and iterate our product using the valuable input that you provide us.


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Niantic's 8th Wall platform is equipping developers, agencies and brands with a complete set of tools to create web-based augmented reality. 8th Wall's WebAR works across iOS and Android devices with an estimated reach of 5 billion smartphones worldwide - all with no app required to download. 8th Wall has powered thousands of commercial experiences for top brands which have engaged millions of users around the world.

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