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The LA Kings Honor Dustin Brown with an Immersive WebAR Experience

Fans can capture a special moment with the King’s Legend using only their smartphone

Feb 23, 2023 . 1 min read . Hologram
The LA Kings Honor Dustin Brown with an Immersive WebAR Experience

At the beginning of February, the Los Angeles Kings worked with Yoom Studios and Flamingo Filter to celebrate the retirement of Dustin Brown's jersey and to unveil his statue at Crypto.com Arena. Kings’ fans were treated to a unique Augmented Reality experience where they could capture a special moment with Dustin Brown's digital twin during the retirement ceremony.

All fans had to do to take part in the Dustin Brown Night AR Experience was scan a QR code on a prominently displayed 3D billboard located across the street from the arena. Once the experience launched, fans could take a photo with a digital and photorealistic Dustin Brown. For fans who could not attend the game, the LA Kings provided them a fun, social-friendly “How To” guide so they could take a photo with Dustin Brown in any virtual environment. 


Integrating YOOM’s volumetric capture and deep-learning A.I. algorithms into an 8th Wall WebAR experience, Dustin Brown was transformed into a 6K/30FPS photorealistic AR avatar. From design to launch, this photorealistic doppelgänger of the LA Kings Champion took just one month to create.

The use of AR technology in sports is becoming more and more common as teams look for new ways to engage with their fans. The Dustin Brown Night AR Experience is just one example of how AR can create truly unique and engaging experiences for sports fans.


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