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Pandora creates virtual try-on experience for Game of Thrones collection

The WebAR experience is one of the first commercial projects to use 8th Wall’s new Hand Tracking Technology

Nov 6, 2023 . 1 min read . Fashion & Apparel
Pandora creates virtual try-on experience for Game of Thrones collection

Pandora created an innovative virtual try-on experience using 8th Wall’s newly launched Hand Tracking technology for the release of its recent Game of Thrones jewelry collection. Partnering with Hoopla Digital, Pandora leveraged Hand Tracking to create a cutting-edge hand model purpose-built for the browser, using hands, wrists, and fingers as its canvas.


Shoppers were prompted to hold their wrist and hand in front of their phone camera to try-on bracelets and rings that automatically scaled to fit in this immersive, interactive experience. They could explore the different Game of Thrones charms by simply tapping the screen to add them to the bracelet. Finally, shoppers could snap a photo of the virtual try-on in the experience to save on their phones or share on social media.

8th Wall’s proprietary technology includes an industry-leading 36 attachment points distributed across the fingers, knuckles, wrist, and palm. Each finger contains up to seven attachment points on both the knuckles and the finger joints, letting developers control the position and rotation of items attached to the hand. 

Pandora’s virtual try-on represented one of the first commercial experiences for the latest technology in 8th Wall’s suite of Human AR tools for the web. 

Try it out for yourself here.


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