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Introducing the 8th Wall Holiday Developer Challenge

Join our festive quest to innovate and celebrate – Craft enchanting WebAR experiences and compete for exciting prizes!

Nov 29, 2023 . 1 min read . Community
Introducing the 8th Wall Holiday Developer Challenge

The holiday season is the ideal playground for WebAR, where the magic of the festivities meets the immersive world of augmented reality. In this time of joy and wonder, we're thrilled to introduce our final challenge of the year: The 8th Wall Holiday Developer Challenge, kicking off on December 4th. We're inviting developers to explore this festive canvas, crafting holiday-themed WebAR experiences that enchant and engage. This challenge is your opportunity to push the limits of WebAR, explore new creative avenues, and showcase your unique skills during this special season.

Getting Started

The adventure begins with our "Info + Ideation" session on Thursday, December 7th, where we'll dive into the challenge's details and ignite the brainstorming spark! This will be your opportunity to share your creative idea and potentially join a team to collaborate on your festive challenge submission. 


This year's grand prize winner, crowned as the "Holiday Magic Maestro," will not only receive a $1,000 cash reward but also the exclusive opportunity for a 1:1 meeting with Niantic Staff. Plus, the winning WebAR experience will be proudly showcased on the 8th Wall homepage, spotlighting your creative genius for all to see! 



Additionally, there will be three runner-up prizes at $500 each for the next best submissions that create great WebAR experiences using at least one of the following combinations of features:
  1. TipJAR
  2. Ear Attachment Points in Face Effects
  3. Sky Effects + World Tracking
  4. Hand Tracking 



In judging the 8th Wall Holiday Developer Challenge, we're focusing on four key criteria: 

  1. Holiday Spirit: Does your project radiate the joy and essence of the holidays?
  2. Innovation: Have you innovatively used 8th Wall features to bring new ideas to life?
  3. Niantic Mission: Does your creation inspire users to explore and experience the world together, enhancing the sense of communal joy?
  4. Completeness: How complete is your project? 

Join the Challenge

With the holiday season underway, you have just over two weeks to finalize your WebAR projects for the challenge. We're excited to see the unique and festive experiences you'll create, contributing to a memorable holiday season. Let's get ready to celebrate your creativity and technical prowess! Projects must be submitted here by December 8th at 11:59 pm PST, and winners will be announced on December 22nd. 

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