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Accelerate WebAR development with the all-new 8th Wall Simulator

Prototype, test, and deploy WebAR experiences directly from your desktop

Dec 7, 2023 . 3 min read . Announcements
Accelerate WebAR development with the all-new 8th Wall Simulator

In the swiftly evolving landscape of WebAR, the tools that enable developers, brands, and agencies to rapidly build and deploy immersive experiences are more critical than ever. 

Today, we’re delighted to announce a feature that’s been eagerly awaited by the 8th Wall community — the all-new 8th Wall Simulator. Integrated directly into the Cloud Editor, the Simulator offers a real-time testing environment where developers can preview experiences across an array of virtual devices, aspect ratios, viewports sizes, and real-world video sequences. With this release, developers no longer need to juggle multiple devices or locations for testing, simplifying the creation process within 8th Wall dramatically. 

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Accelerate development with powerful in-line simulation tools  
The new Simulator panel transforms the Cloud Editor into a dynamic testing ground. Developers can choose for a wide range of devices, input custom aspect ratios, or even use the live camera feed to make precise adjustments to their experiences. 

What’s more, new playback tools allow developers to capture and loop key moments until they get the experience just right. 

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Develop any experience using a library of built-in video sequences 
The Simulator panel comes packed with over 20 pre-recorded video sequences. Each sequence is a video recording that is embedded with the essential metadata that enables the 8th Wall AR Engine to run directly in the editor and that allows for accurate testing and perfecting of your WebAR experiences. Whether you’re building a WebAR experience that involves building for places, people, hands, or image targets or a combination of elements, video sequences are available to help you realistically test your experience. 

Select from multiple device viewports (2)
Each video sequence also offers a range of variants for testing across different users, camera interactions, and more. For example, with People scenes you can flip between different faces, expressions, and head movements. 

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Or, with World Tracking scenes, you can switch between different camera movements like panning across or walking around the scene. This range of options makes it easy to create engaging experiences that are ready for a global audience and a wide range of different user interactions.

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Move from vision to reality, faster than ever 
The Simulator does more than just streamline development — it accelerates it. Seamlessly integrated within the Cloud Editor, this new tool acts as a natural extension of the developer workflow, letting you take your WebAR experiences from concept to launch with unprecedented speed. 

Like our recent introduction of preview links for Head Mounted Displays, this Simulator is part of our commitment to building robust developers tools that equip developers, brands, and agencies to push the limits of WebAR and Mixed Reality. This is just the start of the Simulator and in the future may expand to other 8th Wall features. At this time, certain features like Sky Effects, Lightship VPS, Inline AR, and custom Image Targets cannot be simulated. 

Dive into the Cloud Editor to experience firsthand how the Simulator can bring your creative visions to life with speed and ease. New to 8th Wall? Take advantage of our free 14-day trial and start crafting your WebAR experiences from the comfort of your desktop today.



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