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Meet the Winners of the 8th Wall Holiday Challenge

Yule be amazed at the Holiday Developer Challenge winners! Meet the magical experiences that our community created for this Holiday season.

Dec 21, 2023 . 2 min read . For Developers
Meet the Winners of the 8th Wall Holiday Challenge

As we close the curtains on the last 8th Wall Developer Challenge of the year,  we first want to extend our heartfelt thanks to every participant who joined us on this festive journey. The enthusiasm and skill displayed in each submission went beyond our expectations, making this challenge not just a competition, but a celebration of the incredible potential within our community. 

Holiday Maestro Prize

"Light Up the Solstice" by Lauren Schroeder stood out brilliantly, earning her the esteemed Holiday Magic Maestro Prize.

Lauren's creation took us on a captivating journey through various winter solstice traditions, enlightening users about Yalda and other customs celebrated across cultures. Her inspiration stemmed from a personal quest to understand the significance of the solstice globally, and a desire to incorporate an educational twist into a game-like experience. "Light Up the Solstice" didn't just educate; it engaged users in an interactive exploration of cultural richness and diversity, highlighting the unifying power of shared celebrations during the holiday season.

Winter Wonderland Prize

Capturing the essence of innovation and fun, "Five Finger Figure Skater" by Peter Locharernkul skated its way to victory, winning the "Winter Wonderland Prize". This unique experience set itself apart with its inventive use of hand tracking which really impressed the judges as a new way to gamify WebAR. 

Peter's inspiration came from the challenge of creating a novel game mechanic using AR hand tracking, drawing from the quirky and entertaining world of Japanese game shows, particularly the human Tetris concept.


WebAR Gift Giver Prize                                           

The "WebAR Gift Giver Prize" goes to "You're Invited To A Winter Wonderland" created by Sol Farahmand. This entrancing experience stood out for its ingenious use of a diverse array of 8th Wall features like Sky Effects and the Payments Module, crafting a mesmerizing journey that transported users to an entirely new and magical world. 

Sol's creation leveraged the power of augmented reality to open a portal to a wonderland, celebrating the diversity of cultures and the richness their traditions bring to our communities, especially during the festive season. Drawing inspiration from the concept of spatial portals, Sol aimed to create an experience that was not just immersive but also conveyed a powerful message of unity in diversity.

Global Holiday Harmony Prize 

Securing the "Global Holiday Harmony" Prize is "Merry Mystery" by Balakrishna K, a captivating creation that beautifully showcases various global traditions. This experience stood out for its creative use of Sky Effects and World Tracking, taking users on a tour of festive customs from around the world.

Balakrishna's project, inspired by a blend of festive entertainment and cultural education, offered an engaging way to learn about diverse holiday traditions. "Merry Mystery" was not just an augmented reality experience; it was a journey that connected users to the myriad of ways people celebrate the holiday season across different cultures.


Honorable Mentions

Although we didn’t have honorable mentions prizes for this challenge, we still wanted to give a big shout-out to the following experiences that really impressed our judges: 

Again we want to extend a massive thank you to our incredible community of developers. Your submissions throughout the year have not only been a showcase of technical skill and creativity but also a source of inspiration and joy. Each entry brought its own unique flavor to our challenges, making this year a truly memorable experience for everyone involved. See you in 2024  with more creativity, innovation, and groundbreaking experiences!


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