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Apple Vision Pro Now Supported by Niantic 8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment

Developers can now build spatial experiences on 8th Wall once and deploy across devices and platforms.

Apr 3, 2024 . 2 min read . Announcements
Apple Vision Pro Now Supported by Niantic 8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment

At Niantic, we believe that augmented reality should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone regardless of the device they use. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a significant milestone in this mission: the extension of Niantic 8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment to now include support for development on Apple Vision Pro. With this new addition, developers can build once and deploy across mobile devices and mixed reality headsets including Apple Vision Pro. 

Equipping developers with the tools for cross-platform WebXR development

Metaversal Deployment changes the way developers build and distribute spatial computing experiences. By providing a way to bridge the gap between devices in different ecosystems, Metaversal Deployment ensures that as Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing advances, developers are not confined to create experiences for a single ecosystem but rather can grow on a multitude of platforms. 

Originally launched in 2021 and updated in 2023 with pass-through support for devices like the Meta Quest 3, this extension to Apple Vision Pro capitalizes on the device's WebVR capabilities. This update provides developers with an even more immersive platform for developers to showcase their creativity. 

Harnessing Apple Vision Pro’s advance VR for new immersive experiences 
While Apple has not given the browser camera access, developers can still make use of Vision Pro's advanced VR capabilities.
Developers can now create experiences that seamlessly transition from immersive real-world AR experiences on mobile or pass-through devices like Meta Quest 3, to a complete VR environment on Vision Pro. 

This flexibility allows for the deployment of consistent experiences across devices or the creation of asymmetrical WebAR and WebVR experiences that account for the unique capabilities of each device. See how these types of experiences can be used across devices in this basketball arcade sample

Metaversal AVP - Panel
Additionally, developers can use 8th Wall’s Face Effects with Vision Pro’s Personas feature to make the experiences even more personalized. Personas are a dynamic, natural representation of the user that can be used while wearing Vision Pro. With 8th Wall Face Effects these Personas can be further enhanced to seamlessly incorporate within the WebXR experience. Try this out with our Headband experience.

Metaversal AVP - Persona Face Effects
Beginning of a new era for augmented reality  
As Niantic CEO John Hanke shared in a recent blog post, Vision Pro is a look into the future showing what can be achieved when we will have lighter, less cumbersome AR glasses. WebAR and tools like Metaversal Deployment will be the key to bridging the landscape between AR and VR devices. 

By incorporating Apple Vision Pro into our Metaversal Deployment, Niantic 8th Wall is not just expanding the technical capabilities of AR creation and deployment; we're also inviting our community to dream bigger and push the creative envelope further.  This is an exhilarating time for AR development, and we're committed to equipping developers, brands, and agencies with the right tools to drive innovation and creativity in this dynamic space. 

Ready to start building for Apple Vision Pro with Metaversal Deployment? Get started with sample projects from our project library. New to 8th Wall? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.  



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