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Introducing Niantic Studio: The Future of Web-Based XR and 3D Content Creation

Build immersive XR, 3D experiences, and casual web games with the public beta of our new visual editor and powerful web gaming engine—now available for free.

Jun 16, 2024 . 3 min read . Announcements
Introducing Niantic Studio: The Future of Web-Based XR and 3D Content Creation

Today, we’re excited to announce Niantic Studio, a new visual editor and web gaming engine for Niantic 8th Wall developers that offers an entirely new way to build immersive 3D and XR experiences. 

Traditionally, building web-based XR and 3D experiences has been a code-intensive process with little visual feedback of what you’re building. But with Niantic Studio, now in public beta, developers have a visual interface that makes everything you create accessible and visible in real time. With this new release, developers and creators of all skill levels can now start building with Niantic 8th Wall.  

Revolutionize 3D and XR creation with Niantic Studio

Studio is a completely new approach to building immersive XR and 3D experiences with Niantic 8th Wall. With Studio, we’ve completely overhauled the development environment, moving from a code-only interface to an intuitive visual editor that combines the speed and power of the web with the robust tools needed to create more realistic 3D web games and XR experiences. 

Studio offers solutions for both seasoned web developers and designers, enabling progressive complexity depending on what you want to build. Use Studio to create everything from AR scenes that use Face Effects or World Tracking to more complex 3D web games and immersive XR experiences.  

With Studio, developers can build with: 

An intuitive real-time visual interface:
Studio is a true “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” experience that eliminates the gap between ideation and visualization, streamlining the traditional development cycle of code compilation, deployment, and iteration into a single, fluid motion. Each action you take—from adding or adjusting assets in a 3D space to real-time scene manipulation—is reflected instantly. Every tool and feature within Studio is just a click away. 

Drag and Drop - Studio (1)

Easy-to-add interactivity: Quickly bring experiences to life with built-in tools for powerful graphic elements like physics, cameras, lighting, animation, particles, audio, game triggers, and more in just a few clicks. This seamless integration allows you to quickly bring a new level of depth and engagement to your XR scene or experiences.

Studio - Physics Example

An all-new web gaming engine: Built on a familiar Entity Component System (ECS) gaming structure, Studio also includes a powerful new web gaming engine designed to simplify complex development tasks. The intuitive framework helps you quickly build more interaction and gameplay into your XR or 3D projects. 

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Editable live play and simulation: Build, edit, and preview 3D scenes in real time. Play Mode allows you to preview your experience and even make changes while your project plays that save automatically to ensure rapid iteration.

Drag and Drop Assets Example - Studio
Advanced XR capabilities and cross-platform deployment: Access powerful web-based XR functionalities like Face Effects, World Tracking, and distribute through cross-platform deployment. But this is just the beginning. Throughout the beta, we’ll add more of our cutting-edge XR features to Studio. 

Drag and Drop - Studio (3120 x 1774 px) (2883 x 1730 px) (Video) (1)

Tools to create and collaborate at the speed of the web: As a web-based tool, Niantic 8th Wall has always made it easy to build, publish, and distribute with no app required and no restrictions. Now, with Studio's intuitive visual editor, it's even easier for teams with a wide range of technical knowledge to collaborate and iterate on experiences. 

Start creating today with Niantic Studio in 8th Wall for free

The best part is that Studio’s all-in-one tools are available for free. This means anyone can build, prototype, and deploy their 3D and XR projects without any cost. With free access, nothing is standing in your way, allowing independent creators and developers to start building their personal projects in Studio immediately.

Build your immersive XR and 3D experiences with Niantic Studio now 

Whether you're an independent developer, a large agency, or have been using Niantic 8th Wall for years, Studio's flexible and scalable environment will support your growth and innovation at every step.

Niantic Studio is in public beta and is available now to all 8th Wall developers. If you’re an existing 8th Wall developer, get started using Studio by selecting “Studio” as the creative tool when you begin a new project. New to 8th Wall? Get started  with Niantic Studio by signing up for a free Basic 8th Wall account and build your first experience using one of our available Studio sample projects.

Thank you for being a part of our community of best-in-class immersive creators. Your feedback and creativity using 8th Wall inspires us to continue to create innovative solutions and to provide the tool you need to be successful. We believe Niantic Studio will empower creators to build the next generation of immersive XR experiences and web games right in the web browser and we know that starts with you. We can't wait to see what you create with Niantic Studio!

While Studio is in Public Beta, we want to make sure we’re building the tools and features you need to be successful so please leave any and all feedback in our forum


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