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Crack the combination of an augmented reality safe to discover Captain Morgan’s flagship rum

Captain Morgan launches WebAR experience as part of its fully integrated “Better than Gold” digital marketing campaign

Apr 8, 2021 . 1 min read . Food & Beverage
Crack the combination of an augmented reality safe to discover Captain Morgan’s flagship rum

As part of its integrated digital marketing campaign for its flagship product, Captain Morgan has launched an augmented reality experience which requires no app to download. The AR experience, which works in the browser on iOS and Android smartphones, challenges users to crack the combination of a virtual safe to discover that Captain Morgan is “Better than Gold”.

After completing a mandatory age verification check, customers who access the WebAR experience are asked to place and scale a virtual safe on their wall using their smartphone. Once placed, customers need to figure out the combination of the safe to crack it open. When the safe is successfully opened, the customer discovers something #ThatsBetterThanGold, a bottle of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold rum.

Created by Hoopla Digital UK and powered by 8th Wall, the core concept of the WebAR experience was to create an interactive element that tapped into the “Better than Gold” concept of the wider branding campaign. To do this, Hoopla Digital UK looked to replicate the safe cracking feature showcased as part of the campaign’s TV commercial. This was supported by including an end card in the WebAR experience where customers can watch the TV commercial along with replay & share elements.

Try to crack the safe by tapping here.


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