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Lay’s® and Pepsi Max Team Up with Lionel Messi, Lieke Martens and Paul Pogba to Bring Joy Through Football

WebAR experience is in support of Men's UEFA Champions League and UEFA Women's Football

Apr 12, 2021 . 1 min read . Food & Beverage
Lay’s® and Pepsi Max Team Up with Lionel Messi, Lieke Martens and Paul Pogba to Bring Joy Through Football

The world's number one snack brand, Lay's®, has launched a web-based augmented reality experience as part of its global campaign centered on uniting and bringing joy to people around the world through football. The experience lets users pass a virtual football back and forth with 3D rendered avatars of champions from Men's UEFA and UEFA Women's football.

With this season's fans viewing matches in living rooms versus stadiums, Lay's looks to bring match-day excitement and comradery home with the AR experience. Featuring six-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi, world champion Paul Pogba and UEFA Women's Player of the Year 2017 Lieke Martens the “Get Match Ready” web-based augmented reality experience aims to bring football home with a stadium-worthy fan experience all with no app required.


Play football with Lionel Messi in WebAR.

Messi said: "Football is the world's greatest sport, with one of the key reasons being the power the game has to unite, connect and bring joy, especially in these times. I am proud to share that in new ways this year with Lay's and some truly unique initiatives."

Martens said: "In Lay's first effort across both Men's and Women's football, we've come together to create a moment of joy out of the everyday: watching a match at home. I think it is so relatable and powerful to see that no matter where or how we watch, we're united in the energy and excitement of the game."

paul pogba

Paul Pogba passes you the ball in augmented reality.

Pogba commented: "I was delighted to take part in another Lay's football campaign. It's always high-energy and fun – and I am personally excited to bring our fans some well-earned smiles this year."

Created by The Mill and powered by 8th Wall, users access the “Get Match Ready” website with their smartphone where they are asked to choose a player. Once selected, a 3D rendering of the selected player is placed in the user’s physical space where they are challenged to play ball. Users pass the virtual ball back and forth with the player by flicking the ball on the screen when the ball comes their way. When a user successfully passes the football back and forth three times, they are celebrated and offered a snack.


Written by 8th Wall

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