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NexusBioAg takes wheat growers underground with a WebAR demonstration of its new inoculants

Augmented Reality was used to educate growers on key benefits of crop nutrition

May 6, 2021 . 1 min read . Corporate & B2B
NexusBioAg takes wheat growers underground with a WebAR demonstration of its new inoculants

As part of the launch of two new inoculants in 2020, First Descent AR (Sherpa Marketing) created an ingenious campaign taking growers below the ground of a wheat field showing them exactly how NexusBioAg’s new inoculant works.

The AR experience was integrated into print and social media with a QR code. Growers scanned the QR code with their smartphone to activate the experience in their browser to engage with the AR with no app required. Growers then used the camera on their smartphone or tablet to begin a tour below the surface of a crop. The tour first starts with an in-depth visual animation explaining how the product increases nutrient uptake to the plant. It then moves the Grower through the key benefits, performance in various soil types, and the yield advantage for the inoculant.  

NexusBioAg turned to AR to create an incredible way to engage growers in an interactive experience and use a novel method to share relevant information to the target audience at a time when in-person field tours are limited.

Learn about NexusBioAg's new crop nutrition solution by trying the AR demonstration here


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