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Warner Bros Pictures brings the DC League of Super-Pets characters to life through Amazon boxes

The entertainment experience uses the ubiquitous Amazon box as a launch pad for in-home digital engagement with the stars of the film

Aug 8, 2022 . 1 min read . Arts & Entertainment
Warner Bros Pictures brings the DC League of Super-Pets characters to life through Amazon boxes

In support of the July 29 theatrical release of Warner Bros.’ animated feature film, DC League of Super-Pets, the studio unleashed an interactive and family-friendly AR experience launched from an Amazon box.


Users can unlock the experience by scanning a QR code printed directly on the box itself using their smartphone or tablet device. Once scanned, users can point their device at the box to see the stars of the film, Krypto and Ace, burst out to showcase their superpowers, present scenes from the film, and offer access to the DC League of Super-Pets storefront within Amazon’s

Warner Bros. collaborated with immersive digital agency Pretty Big Monster to integrate 8th Wall’s technology which allows users to place realistic 3D assets in their own environment and interact with the Augmented Reality scene.

As the experience is available on the web and does not require an app to download, curious recipients are able to instantly engage, creating a meaningful and personal branded experience.

For the campaign, Warner Bros. pursued a strategy of showing the characters in the real world to create awareness for the film’s release and familiarity with the characters. The on-box experience is one of a suite of augmented reality tactics which supported the approach. To bring Krypto and Ace to life through animations optimized for web delivery, Pretty Big Monster turned to the expertise of Future House Studios.

“The DC League of Super-Pets Amazon box experience is an accessible way for audiences to engage and get up close and personal with the stars of the film in their home. Anytime characters can be seen in a real life context, it’s an opportunity to create familiarity and drive purchase intent,” said Jason Steinberg, Managing Director, Pretty Big Monster.

“Bringing Krypto and Ace to life through the DC League of Super-Pets Amazon box was an amazing way to give fans another medium to connect with the characters,” said Adam Sidwell, Founder of Future House Studios. “The way we engage with the products and franchises we love is changing, and we’re thrilled to offer customers an increased level of engagement with the brands they love.”

Be sure to see DC League of Super-Pets in theaters on Friday, July 29th.


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