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Bloomingdale’s celebrates 150th anniversary with AR enabled catalog

Customers can explore this season's must-have styles in their own space using WebAR

Oct 20, 2022 . 1 min read . Hologram
Bloomingdale’s celebrates 150th anniversary with AR enabled catalog

In honor of its 150th anniversary, Bloomingdale's sent over 400,000 AR activated catalogs to households across the country that enable the celebration-worthy exclusives to jump off the page and into real life. 

Upon scanning the AR enabled looks within the catalog, holograms of models jump out of the page showcasing the buzzworthy looks. Customers can then explore this season's must-have styles, from chic dresses to designer suits, in augmented reality to see how they look and move in real life. Users can also click to purchase their favorite styles directly inside the experience. This led to a +22% conversion rate to shop and a +38% engagement rate.

Created by AR agency ROSE Digital and powered by 8th Wall, this WebAR experience combines the physical and digital world to create an innovative online shopping experience for customers. As customers can tap to place the models in their physical space, they are able to engage with the product in a memorable and engaging way. This helps boost customer confidence in their purchase and increases conversion to purchase. 

Try out the experience for yourself here.


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