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Mixed Reality, meet Metaversal Deployment

Announcing Metaversal Deployment Enhancements, Mixed Reality Experiences. Discover how developers are revolutionizing augmented reality with seamless cross-device deployment. Explore the captivating Wol mixed reality experience optimized for Meta Quest Pro.

May 30, 2023 . 2 min read . AI
Mixed Reality, meet Metaversal Deployment

In 2021, the introduction of Metaversal Deployment was a groundbreaking milestone in the evolution of augmented reality. It changed the way developers create and deploy WebAR experiences by seamlessly bridging the gap between various devices using the mobile browser. And today, we're thrilled to share the enhancements we've made to our engine, propelling Metaversal Deployment to new heights of performance and versatility.

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work readying 8th Wall for mixed reality experiences, optimizing for devices like Meta Quest Pro and in anticipation of exciting new hardware opportunities. In November, we launched initial support for passthrough AR on Quest. In March, we launched room support setup. And today, we’re releasing a passthrough AR optimized render loop that enables higher frame rates for smooth end-user experiences, and tighter integrations to HMD operating system default controls that allow end-users to seamlessly recenter, pause, and interact with interactive web experiences without any user onboarding.

Expand your reach without expanding your build time 

One of the key benefits of Metaversal Deployment is its ability to offer more reach, enabling a consistent AR experience across devices, regardless of their unique characteristics. Whether you're accessing an AR-enabled website on your computer, or mobile device, or even through the captivating realm of mixed reality on passthrough-capable devices, the magic of Metaversal Deployment ensures you have an engaging and meaningful encounter. Imagine the freedom of exploring 3D wonders on your computer, experiencing AR adventures on your mobile, or seamlessly interacting with virtual objects integrated into your environment through headsets like the Meta Quest Pro.

We also just introduced Wol, Niantic’s first mixed reality experience available in limited release. In partnership with Inworld AI, the developer platform for AI-enabled characters, and Liquid City, a design practice specializing in XR and AI, Wol invites you into the enchanting realm of the redwood forest. Using an AR portal, Wol engages you in natural conversations and shares insights about the forest floor's flora, tree life cycles, and the diverse creatures inhabiting the woods. This captivating demonstration, optimized for the Meta Quest Pro but accessible via any smartphone, highlights the value of the build once, deploy anywhere mantra that Metaversal Deployment delivers for developers. You can read more about the Wol experience here.


It’s critical that we provide developers with more options for how their content can be experienced across devices. As part of this release, we’re also enabling 3D mode on mobile devices. What does this mean? We heard from our community that sometimes they just want a 3D experience to render on a user’s mobile device. Specifically for advertisers, 3D mode opens doors to interactive ads that go beyond traditional, passive video or banner formats. Imagine an ad network delivering a 3D ad but then inviting users to experience it in AR. This transformative approach adds immediate value to customers' experiences by allowing them to bypass barriers to entry while elevating the impact of interactive 3D ads for businesses. 

Our improved Metaversal Deployment unlocks a universe of potential for both developers and users alike. As we embark on the next era of AR innovation, we're optimistic about the prospect of digital and physical worlds benefiting each other. Are you ready to experience the magic of Metaversal Deployment? Check out sample projects that allow you to build once and deploy anywhere like World Tracking Portal , MRCS Hologram or Physics Collider

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