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WebAR is all ears: All-new ear attachment points available in Face Effects

8th Wall developers, brands, and agencies can now build virtual try-on experiences for jewelry, headphones, and more

Nov 1, 2023 . 4 min read . Announcements
WebAR is all ears: All-new ear attachment points available in Face Effects

Since its release in 2020, 8th Wall’s Face Effects has been a game-changer for brands, developers, and agencies, offering transformative facial experiences that deeply resonate with their audiences. Upgraded earlier this year with all-new features and tools, Face Effects allows developers to create captivating WebAR experiences tailored to each user's unique facial characteristics.  From letting users take selfies while wearing the virtual hat of their favorite team to disguising their face behind an ornate mask to trying on a new makeup routine virtually, Face Effects transforms the face into a boundless canvas for imagination that’s universally accessible in the browser. 

Now, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our Face Effects suite: three new attachment points for the ears. These additions not only elevate the realism and precision of Face Effects but pave the way for all-new use cases. From showcasing chic earrings and modeling stylish headphones to morphing into fantastical beings, the possibilities are now even more expansive and imaginative. 


Precision meets creativity with three new ear attachment points, occluders, and more  

Our latest Face Effects release enhances the realism of virtual try-ons by introducing three distinct ear attachment points: the earlobe, inner ear, and ear helix. Far from mere additions, these points provide developers with a more expansive canvas to craft deeply immersive experiences.

ear attachment points in 8th wall face effects
Previously, integrating ears into WebAR experiences often required developers to rely on artificial overlay or creative workarounds. Now, developers have a streamlined process right out of the box. With this release, Face Effects automatically detects the ears and ensures content is positioned accurately on the designated attachment points. As with all Face Effects features, this update guarantees that regardless of variations in facial geometry or ear shapes, WebAR experiences will fit perfectly on the face and ears, providing the high-fidelity try-on experiences audiences have come to expect.

This release not only offers the ability to anchor content to ears but introduces new tools to power ear occlusion and ear mirroring that boost the realism of the experiences. Multiple ear occluders ensure that objects behind the ear remain hidden and items inside the ear respect anatomical structures like the tragus. If the camera loses sight of an ear, ear mirroring comes into play. As long as one ear is visible, 8th Wall's Face Effects maintains accurate content placement on both, which is vital for accessories like dangly earrings.

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Additionally, with events for ear lost and ear found, developers can design creative interactive experiences that respond to the presence of ears. For example, developers could create a waterfall experience where water moves from in the ear to out of the mouth if an ear is covered or make spatial audio start or stop based on whether or not an ear is present. 

Unlock all-new brand and advertising experiences
Ear attachment points in Face Effects are not just a technological update; they’re a key that unlocks many innovative use cases that can redefine how brands and agencies interact with their audiences, including:

Virtual Try-on:
Create experiences that allow audiences to explore a virtual wardrobe of ear-centric accessories that let them visualize how they’d appear in real life. From long sparkling earrings and statement ear cuffs to sleek modern earbuds and headphones, brands can ensure users find the perfect fit and style. 

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Fantasy and Holiday Transformations: 
Dive deep into the realm of imagination, turning users into mythical beings. Whether it's adorning them with elf ears for a magical journey, animalistic features for a jungle escapade, or futuristic elements for a space voyage, the possibilities are infinite. And come festive seasons, let users immerse themselves as Holiday Elves or Halloween Specters.

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New Gameplay and Interactivity: 
Engage users with elements that hover around or directly interact with their ears. Create quirky experiences that like reimagining the classic saying "in one ear, out the other '' in a digital realm or turning the user's face into personalized earrings.

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By expanding the canvas to include the ears, developers now have the tools to design hyper-realistic face WebAR experiences that captivate audiences at every touchpoint. From brand campaigns showcasing the latest in jewelry and accessories to virtual try-ons initiated from in-line advertisement, the ability to go from try-on to checkout has never been more seamless. These features are compatible with any desktop, mobile front and back-facing camera, or magic mirror, ensuring that developers can curate experiences that connect with users wherever they are. 

Harness the power of the open web to enhance customer experiences 
Since Face Effects and the new ear attachment points are built for the browser, developers can tap into the vast potential of the open web to make their experiences even more powerful. For example, developers can integrate real-time APIs like inventory or SKU data to create experiences that are not only engaging but also reflect real-time availability and product information to guide users from product selection to purchase with ease. 

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This release is one of our many updates to our Human AR suite of tools this year, building on our enhanced Face Effects release and all-new Hand Tracking. We’re committed to refining and expanding this feature based on the invaluable insights from our developer community. 

To get started building your Face Effects experience with all-new ear attachment points, clone the Ears sample projects for A-Frame or Three.js from the project library, or view the release notes in our documentation

If you’re new to 8th Wall, get started with a free 14-day trial and explore the power of ear attachment points in your next WebAR project.  


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