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Ask Santa Anything!

What if you could talk to Santa whenever you wanted? It's now possible with this new WebAR experience that combines 8th Wall Sky Effects + World Tracking with Inworld AI.

Dec 5, 2023 . 2 min read . Announcements
Ask Santa Anything!

This holiday season, Niantic 8th Wall invites you to a world brimming with festive magic. Introducing Ask Santa Anything, an enchanting WebAR experience that seamlessly weaves together heartwarming tradition and cutting-edge technology, bringing the North Pole’s most cherished figure, Santa Claus, directly to your world.

Meet Santa with just a ring of a bell

The dream of meeting Santa in real life has long enchanted both young and old. Now, that dream is becoming an exciting reality. By simply visiting asksanta.app or by scanning a QR code, you’ll see your surroundings transform into a wintry wonderland, setting the stage for a heartfelt, personalized conversation with Santa himself. 

looking over shoulder with mom
Unparalleled GenAI and WebAR technology meets timeless magic 

‘Ask Santa Anything’ harnesses some of the groundbreaking features released by 8th Wall this year, including Sky Effects and World Tracking, along with the newly introduced Inworld AI Integration Module

This experience builds on last year’s captivating ‘See Santa Fly’ experience by merging Sky Effects and World Tracking in the same experience. This powerful combination transforms your entire environment into an immersive WebAR canvas, making Santa’s journey from the sky to the ground in front of the audience more realistic than ever. 

optimized santa landing

The core of this enchanting experience lies in the Inworld AI Character Engine, which brings Santa to life as a lively, interactive character. Santa is able to engage in natural conversations, adapt and respond contextually to questions, and exhibit emotional intelligence, making every chat as unique and special as a snowflake. The Inworld AI Integration module simplifies incorporating this powerful Character Engine into an 8th Wall experience, enabling developers to focus on creative experiences like 'Ask Santa Anything' without spending time worrying about backend concerns. 


Holiday cheer for everyone, everywhere 
Just as Santa makes his way around the globe to spread cheer to every home, this browser-based experience ensures that anyone, anywhere, can join in the festive fun. 

Discovering the magic of ‘Ask Santa Anything’ is as easy as it is enchanting. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Visit www.asksanta.app in your phone’s web browser.
  2. Walk outside and point your phone to the sky.
  3. Ring Santa’s bell to summon him down to you, and watch as the world transforms around you.  
  4. Once Santa lands, start your conversation by either typing or tapping the microphone! Ask him anything, from “How do you visit so many houses in one night?” to “What’s your favorite cookie?” to “Do you prefer Oat Milk or Regular Milk?”
  5. Listen as Santa, powered by Inworld AI, gives personalized, real-time responses that make each interaction uniquely magical.
What are you waiting for? Explore the magic of the season in a whole new way; 'Ask Santa Anything' is your gateway to a unique and interactive holiday experience, blending the charm of Santa Claus with the marvels of modern technology. This experience is only available now through January 5, 2024, so give it a try! Share your favorite experiences with us on social by tagging us @the8thwall. 

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