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Build Sky Effects faster with the updated 8th Wall Simulator

Prototype, test, and deploy Sky Effects experiences directly from your desktop

Feb 29, 2024 . 1 min read
Build Sky Effects faster with the updated 8th Wall Simulator
At 8th Wall, we're committed to providing developers, brands, and agencies with the tools and resources they need to create amazing WebAR experiences. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that the 8th Wall Simulator now supports Sky Effects, making it easier than ever to build AR experiences that turn the sky into a canvas for AR.

Since its launch in late 2022, Sky Effects has been a revolutionary feature for WebAR creators. This dynamic tool allows developers to artistically transform the sky within their AR scenes. Whether it's altering the weather, shifting the time of day, or conjuring fantastical environments, Sky Effects empowers developers to craft immersive and captivating experiences like never before. What’s more Sky Effects is not just limited to the sky and can be combined with World Tracking to create experiences with full environmental changes to the sky and ground

The 8th Wall Simulator, recently launched in the Cloud Editor, simplifies and accelerates the WebAR development process by enabling developers to test and refine their creations across a variety of virtual devices and real-world scenarios, all from their desktop. It eliminates the need for multiple physical devices, making the development process more efficient and accessible.

Quickly craft WebAR experiences that take to the sky without ever leaving the desk   
With the integration of Sky Effects into the Simulator, developers can now enjoy an even more robust and versatile environment for crafting AR experiences. This update significantly enhances the development process by allowing for:

  • Efficient testing across scenarios: Quickly visualize how Sky Effects will look in different settings and times of day without the need for additional devices or extensive setup.

  • Seamless iteration: Instantly see the effects of tweaks and adjustments to the sky visuals, enabling a rapid and responsive development cycle.

  • Enhanced presentation capabilities: Provide clients and stakeholders with realistic previews of how the sky-based AR experiences will appear, facilitating clearer communication and feedback.

  • Consistency across viewing conditions: Ensure that AR experiences maintain their visual appeal and functionality across various skies, times of day, and viewing angles.

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Whether you are aiming to create an enchanting fantasy sky, a dramatic weather change, or a unique celestial event, the integration of Sky Effects with the Simulator opens up a world of possibilities. This update empowers developers to push the boundaries of WebAR creativity and bring their visions to life with greater ease and precision.

Start developing Sky Effects with the 8th Wall Simulator 
All 8th Wall developers can now leverage Sky Effects within the Simulator via the Cloud Editor. Ready to start building? Get started with our sample projects for Sky Effects and Sky Effects + World Tracking which have all been updated to work seamlessly with Sky Effects in the Simulator. 

New to 8th Wall? Start developing the next generation of immersive sky-based WebAR with our 14-day free trial. We can't wait to see what you create!   



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