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Heineken turns cans and bottles into WebAR game for the Euro 2020

Users scan the Heineken bottle to access the augmented reality game

Oct 16, 2021 . 1 min read . Food & Beverage
Heineken turns cans and bottles into WebAR game for the Euro 2020

In celebration of the Euro 2020, Heineken launched a highly engaging web-based augmented reality gaming experience. Featuring specially designed beer cans and bottles for each team participating in the championship, fans are able to support and interact with their favorite team in a fun and innovative way. 


Users access the experience by scanning the QR code on the Heineken beer can using their smartphone or tablet device. Once scanned, users place a 3D animation of a football player in their physical space and tap to start the game. In the game, users attempt to keep the ball in the air by tapping the player at the correct time. With each kick that they are able to successfully make, they receive a point. To make the game harder for users, the player performs tricks and super tricks to deceive the user on when they should tap their phone. If users are able to successfully tap on a super trick at the correct time, they receive extra points that they can later exchange for prizes.

To represent each of the countries participating in the Euro 2020, Heineken worked with Instafilter to design and animate unique 3D football players each with 14 types of unique tricks, and 5 super tricks. In addition, Heineken designed limited edition cans and bottles for each country so fans could support their favorite team.

Creative idea by Proximity, produced by Instafilter and powered by 8th Wall, this highly engaging WebAR game received an average session length of 2.5 minutes for logged users and 1.5 minutes for all visitors. With no app required, users are able to instantly access the game and interact with Heineken’s branded content. 

Learn more about this experience on Instafilters Featured Project page.


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