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Quench customers’ thirst for interactive experiences with WebAR

Report: The QSR Brand’s Guide to WebAR

See how leading quick-service restaurant brands use WebAR to drive their marketing strategy.

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of consumers are more likely to buy food and beverages in the future after using AR.

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of consumers better recall brands that engage them with immersive technologies.

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WebAR Serves Up Immersive Menus, Playful Games and More

Whether dining out or ordering in, WebAR lets patrons connect more deeply with the restaurant brands they love—dishing out immersive games, compelling food visuals and multi-sensory experiences that keep customers hungry for more. Explore how QSR brands use 8th Wall to enhance their marketing mix.

Bring Menus and Displays to Life to Entertain and Sell


  • Help guests decide what to order—and upsell recommended menu items—by providing a QR code that reveals realistic dishes in AR using World Effects.

  • Turn take-out packaging into an interactive game board using Image Tracking and let customers collect points to redeem for goods or prizes.

  • Allow users to capture and share their experience across social media using the Video Recording feature.

Case Study: Pizza Hut's PAC-MAN® ARcade

Augment Advertising to Increase Engagement and Track Interactions


  • Launch WebAR Ads for an immersive experience that teases a new menu item or offering.

  • Transform print and OOH advertising into interactive digital content that's rich in data and customer insights using Image Targets.

  • Add a QR code to a TV spot to extend a 30-second commercial into endless immersive experiences using World Tracking.

Case Study: 7-Eleven's Slurpee Experience

Drive Foot Traffic to Restaurant Locations


  • Provide exclusive offers and experiences that can only be accessed at participating restaurants using Lightship VPS, which precisely anchors AR content to any location.

  • Let guests unlock hidden AR content at restaurant locations that interacts with the real world using World Tracking, or use Image Targets on signage to trigger an experience.

  • Navigate customers to your location-based AR experiences using the fully-customizable Lightship Maps feature. 


Case Study: KFC's Great Bucket Hunt

WebAR Is Impacting Key Metrics for CPG Brands

Across the marketing funnel, web-based AR is demonstrating success.

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11K+ Hours Played

A WebAR experience that transformed Pizza Hut's boxes into PAC-MAN® game boards resulted in 741M impressions and more than 11,000 hours played.

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100K+ Unique Players

A balloon-themed WebAR game for McDonald's Sweden resulted in more than 100,000 unique players in the first week alone.

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10.8M Social Impressions

A WebAR hologram experience for Burger King with rapper Tinie Tempah resulted in a whopping 10.8M social media impressions.

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Download the QSR Brand's Guide to WebAR

Get access to insights on how industry-defining quick service restaurant brands are using 8th Wall to drive their marketing strategy.

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