Burger King and Tinie Tempah host tiniest AR concert to engage Whopper lovers

WebAR Case Study

Project Overview

bully! brought the world’s first private AR concert on a burger to life for Burger King and Tinie Tempah, with volumetric capture from Dimension Studio and creative direction from London’s BBH.

The activation, featuring a Tiny Tinie Tempah performing his song, “Whoppa” on a Whopper, leveraged Web AR tool set 8th Wall to spawn from QR code stickers placed on burgers at locations across the UK, Columbia, and Peru.


Social Impressions


Press Coverage

8th Wall’s ability to deliver high production value content with seamless, anytime/anywhere, browser-based access is a game changer. Their powerful development tools are sure to revolutionize how brands and marketers connect with consumers. At bully!, we see it as a critical piece in any brand’s go-to-market plan.

Carlson Bull, CEO & Founder at bully! entertainment

The Experience

At a time when all festivals and shows were canceled, Burger King and UK rap artist, Tinie Tempah, teamed up to deliver the world’s tiniest concert. To create this WebAR experience, bully! worked with Dimension Studios to record Tinie performing his hit single using volumetric capture. The volumetric video was then exported and added on top of a 3D rendering of a Burger King Whopper. This allowed a hologram of Tinie to perform his latest hit ‘Whoppa’, with the iconic signature burger as his stage.

Fans who wanted to engage with the experience could visit Burger King locations across the UK, Columbia, and Peru and scan the QR code placed on the wrapper of a Burger King Whopper. Once scanned, users could place Tinie on a Whopper in their physical space and see the personal performance.


The campaign achieved whopping results with 10.8 Million social impressions driven by influencer activity and 220 pieces of media coverage from across the globe.

About the Agency

bully! is an international creative XR studio that delivers high-end, emerging-tech experiences that inspire audiences and help brands stand out. We create experiences audiences love.

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