KHAITE saw a 4x increase in shoe sales with its SS21 WebAR-enabled lookbook

WebAR Case Study

Project Overview

New York-based fashion label KHAITE worked with creative agency ROSE to give customers and industry buyers a deep visual experience of its Spring-Summer 2021 collection unlike any other fashion brand has been able to accomplish with WebAR. Widely-supported and deeply interactive, the WebAR experience highlighted the unique details of KHAITE's footwear designs and offered endless creative freedom for the user to explore. It was also featured in Vogue, British Vogue, The New York Times, and Harper’s Bazaar for everyone to enjoy. This led to a 4x increase in sales of the collection featured in WebAR.


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Increase in sales of featured collection


WebAR project to use inline AR

8th Wall enabled ROSE to rapidly prototype and optimize the KHAITE embedded AR fashion experience. Using the cloud editor our team was able to collaborate from asset updates to lighting tweaks to coding transitions. Removing the need to manage CI/CD and infrastructure enabled our engineering team to focus on doing what they do best, building beautiful, photorealistic immersive experiences that engage and delight users.

Evan Rose, Founder & President of Rose Digital

The Experience

The experience utilized photogrammetry to 3D scan the footwear, the designs were made into 3D models with accurate fabric materials and textures, that can be “placed” onto any surface in any environment. The end result was an experience tailored to each model, allowing users to see each one in its best light. Users have the freedom to scale, rotate, and walk around each shoe to examine the details.

A small list of influencers and buyers received a printed lookbook, created by Chandelier Creative that paired with the digital experience. Users that had the lookbook could place the AR shoes by scanning images within the printed book, allowing the designs to come to life from 2D to 3D instantaneously. The use of the lookbook and additional WebAR functionality created a more exclusive experience for a subset of users without the need to create two different experiences.


This experience was the first to use 8th Wall's inline WebAR functionality which embedded the augmented reality experience into KHAITE's home page. This resulted in a huge success for KHAITE as they saw a 4x increase in sales of the collection featured in WebAR. In addition, consumers spent on average over 4 minutes interacting with the WebAR experience.

About the Agency

ROSE is an award winning black-owned AR agency. We concept, design, build, deploy and measure the impact of AR experiences tailored to your KPIs. We specialize in creating lifelike AR for Retail, Fashion, Food and Beverage, Spirits and CPG.

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